After serving at Grace Church for 11 years in south Oklahoma City, Pastor Steven Earp led a small group of people to launch a brand new church that would become

Elevate Church OKC.


Elevate Church launched on 9/18/2011. The church almost immediately was averaging around 200 in attendance. Over the next 18 months, that number grew to nearly 300 and keeps growing. Over 300 people have come to follow Christ and dozens have been baptized since Elevate launched.

Since the beginning, Elevate Church has been filled with “God stories” of how people found Elevate and how their lives were changed as a result. There’s nothing as exciting as being part of something bigger than yourself!


Why Elevate Church?


1)     When God Is Elevated, Lives Change!

Jesus is our entire focus! We believe if we lift Him up, others will meet Him.

“And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.” – Jesus, John 12:32

2)     Leaders and Christ-followers are handcrafted, not mass-produced.

We grow and learn best with friends. Small groups and “coaching” are important to us.


What Does Elevate Church Do?

 We keep things very simple around Elevate! Our vision is to do just five things but do them very well:

  • Sunday Services – 9:30am and 11am weekly

    • Service: High energy, contemporary, casual dress, and always a challenging and encouraging message.

    • Hospitality: continental style coffee, juices, and snacks. Easy to find signage.

    • Kids: From birth to 6th grade, learning activities that are fun, professional, and safe!

  • Small Groups

    • Three semesters each year: Spring, Summer, and Fall

    • Electives – Choose what interests you: from deep Bible study to outdoor activities or creative groups.

    • Groups have between 6 and 20 people in each

  • Discovery Class

    • A three week introduction to Christianity and Elevate Church. Learn about the past, present, and future of Elevate. Hosted the first three Sundays each month at 12:00pm immediately following the second service. Click here for more info

  • Dream Team

    • Everyone serving at Elevate in any way is a part of the Dream Team. There are many opportunities to make a difference!

  • Coaching

    • One person helping and encouraging another. Let us find someone you can learn from and someone you can invest in.