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Fall Small Groups

September 15 - December 8


Here at Elevate, we focus on these five things: Sunday Morning Services, Dream Team, Discovery Class, Pathways, and SMALL GROUPS. As you can see, small groups are an important part of the vision of Elevate Church.

The goal of small groups is to connect people with similar interests, in hopes that they as individuals will grow in their relationship with Christ as the body of believers grows as well. At the heart of each Elevate Group should be found a place for people to belong, serve, and to grow.

1. A place to BELONG – It’s easy to feel alone in a crowd. Elevate groups are an open door into the life of our church family and a place where you can meet new people.

2. A place to SERVE – We encourage all Elevate groups to participate in at least one service project per semester. Serving others as a group is a great way to impact our community, as well as grow closer as a group and have fun.

3. A place to GROW – Elevate groups are a place you can be equipped to become more like Jesus and to live a faith-filled life through the study of God’s Word, prayer, and serving others.

How Elevate Groups Work

Free market groups – Our groups are as varied as we are! Group leaders use their gifts and passions to create a group that allows others to join with them in serving God. Whatever the age, interest, or location, there is a group that is just right for you!

Three semesters – New groups start and stop three times a year—spring, summer, and fall semesters. Each semester kicks off with an online registration and a new small group directory. If you miss the open enrollment period, don’t worry – Elevate groups are always open. For more information on getting connected with a small group, contact Amanda Stern at amanda@elevatechurchokc.com.