Kingdom Living Week 18

Matthew 5:38-42, 43-45, 46-48 Philippians 2:5-11

Realize that our enemies are still God’s precious creations.

2. Remember that my natural state is selfish and sinful.

3. Understand that the only way out is transformation in Christ Jesus.

To be Christlike means to be selfless. To be selfish is to be godless.

Kingdom Living Week 5

Matthew 5:1-12, Romans 7:24-25, Philippians 2:5-11

Meekness is the opposite of our natural desire for greatness.

Meekness is not the same as weakness

Meekness only comes from being in Jesus

Big Idea: Meekness is supernatural strength under divine control, when our hearts are transformed by the Holy Spirit.



Kingdom Living Week 4

Acts 1:3, Matthew 5:1-3, 4, 5-12, Luke 2:34-35, Matthew 6:33

1. Grief can allow us to thank God for how much someone meant to us.

2. Grief can lead us to talk to God in raw authenticity.

3. Dark Days bring loneliness, but the darkness can give way to transformation.

Big Idea: Let grief and loss remind us of our ultimate reality.


What Not to Say to Grieving People:

God wont give you more than you can handle.

God is going to make something great come from this.

God needed another angel.

Find the silver lining.

Let me tell you about MY struggle.

I know EXACTLY how you feel.


Tips of Loving Grieving People Well:

Understand there is no normal way to grieve.

Affirm their feelings and the situation.

Don’t take things personally.

Help them with practical things.

Don’t let them be isolated.


Kingdom Living Week 3

Acts 1:3, Matthew 5:1–12

1. The Kingdom of God changes everything.

2. The Kingdom of God pushes against our natural expectations.

3. The Kingdom of God elevates those that the world dismisses.

The only way to enter the Kingdom of God is to look to Jesus.

Experiencing a Fresh Start with God

Isaiah 43:16-21 NIV

Remember who God is and what he has done.

Learn from the past, but never live in the past.

Focus on the future.

Big Idea: There is incredible hope in Jesus, now go live in that hope.

Jonah: A Big God Story

Jonah 1

1. God’s love for His creation is relentless. 

2. It is impossible to outrun the love and sovereignty of God. 

3. Our God is the God who provides. 

Are you willing to go and tell others about the relentless love of God?

Are you trying to outrun the sovereignty of God? 

Is God the hero of your story? 

Love of God

John 3:16-17

James 2

1. Religion for the sake of religion is worthless

2. Christianity is about knowing Jesus, not just knowing about Him

3. An authentic relationship with Jesus is shown through trust

Big Idea: You don’t change for the love of God, but the love of God will change you

Kingdom Living Week 2

Luke 23

1. Anyone can follow Jesus, but only a few will.
2. Following Jesus requires pushing against other influences.
3. Following Jesus is possible only because of His sacrifice.

Big Idea: Jesus calls you to follow Him, and help others do the same.

Kingdom Living Week 1

Luke 17:20-21

1.The Kingdom of God was Jesus’ primary message. 

2. The Kingdom of God can overcome every problem and meet every need

3. Jesus brought the Kingdom near, and we’re called to do the same. 

Big Idea: The blessings in this life are only a taste of the greatness to come. 


Ezra Week 5

Ezra 7-9

  1. Realize that God calls you to be on mission
  2. Understand that if God called you to something He has also called others
  3. Use the resources that God provides
  4. Continually return to the spiritual nature of our work.
  5. Stay faithful to God with your family and sex life
  6. Always lead with a broken humble heart

Big Idea: When you follow Jesus the future is always better than the past.